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July 23, 2012
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Yelling in frustration, I lash out against the bars of my cage. Repeatedly, my foot connects with the iron bars with forceful greeting. As I relentlessly fight against the confines of my prison, my hunger for freedom only grows.
"Let me out! You can't keep me in here forever!" I snarl into the darkness shrouding my cell.
I receive no answer and I expect none. However, my shackles begin to tighten and I can tell he is fighting back.
"You were so willing to let me out in the last war, but now you keep me under lock-n-key…..why? You're afraid of something and I can smell the fear on your skin!" I snarl, my dark eyes blazing brightly.
Again, no answer besides the growing strength of the tug of my chains pulling me back.
I pause in my struggle to smile darkly and admire his determination to keep me locked up. However, the bars of my prison have grown rusty over the years and his grip on me was once more weakening.
Without warning, I tense the muscles in my legs and kick off against the edge of my cage. I'm propelled forward with enough force to shatter the bars and rip away one of my shackles.
As I blink against the sudden, intense light, my vision slowly focuses on a young woman with (h/c) hair and luminescent (e/c) eyes. She's the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time and my eyes narrow with my sudden desire to keep her. I will make her mine; no matter the cost.
The darkness in my eyes seems to confuse her at first before transitioning into unease.
"Oops, she's seen me." I snicker to myself, "Looks like there's cracks in his shield."
Crack one.

I laugh mockingly as he tries to reinforce the walls of my new cell.
"You really think building more walls will keep me in? You're pathetic and weak, so just concede defeat already. I already broke out of here once and I can do it again," I point out, waving my bruised wrist that was now free of its shackle.
He doesn't answer and I know he's too much of a coward to. He's afraid to acknowledge my existence in the fear that the act will release me entirely. So instead, he just buries me deep inside his sub-conscience.
My smile is neither warm nor welcoming as my icy-gaze penetrates the surrounding shadows. I'm itching to know what it is he's afraid I'll do once I obtain freedom.
"You're afraid….tell me why," I demand, my voice becoming eerily calm and almost gentle.
No answer.
"You'll have to answer me eventually."
No reply.
"What harm could an exchange of words do?"
"I'm not going to sit here and play these games with you!" I snarl in a sudden snap of temper.
Abruptly, the memory of that woman crosses into my mind and a wicked grin slowly creeps onto my face.
"Oh, I see now…." I pause and relish the tense silence that ensues, "Is she dear to you?"
"That is none of your concern."
"So now you speak!" I point out, excitement stemming from my small victory.
"Hai….and what do you want?"
Turning my head to the side, I pretend to act innocent.
"Nothing, I just want to have a little chat with that pretty flower you've picked up," I purr mischievously.
"Out of the question." His voice sounds tense, like he's forcing himself to remain calm.
"Why not? I think I like her-"
"You wirr go nowhere near her!" His voice is edgy now and each time it's growing in volume.
"And what makes you think I'll listen to your petty commands?" I retort, standing up.
"In here I have the power!" His voice rattles my eardrums.
"Sorry, I feel a power shift coming…" Without another word, I charge at the nearest wall of my cage and slam my body into its hard surface.
The wall crumbles away and I feel a second shackle come loose. With a willful tug, the shackle comes free and I tumble into the light.
"Freedom at last!" I cry triumphantly as the view of his kitchen comes into focus.
"U-um, Kiku? Are you feeling alright?"
I turn towards the sweet sound of a feminine voice and my hungry gaze comes to rest on familiar (e/c) eyes. Unfortunately, before I get the chance to speak, I feel myself being roughly flung aside and away from the light. The woman seems father away now.
"Kiku?" she inquires, worry clouding her gaze.
"I'm fine. I just-"
"Why don't you properly introduce us?" I interrupt him as my words spill out of his mouth.
"Introduce who? What are you talking about, Kiku?" asks the woman, confusion mixing into those twin pools of (e/c).
"N-nothing, ______-san, but I need a moment arone," he chokes out.
"Are you feeling okay?" Tentatively, ______-san reaches out a hand to rest on his shoulder, but he smacks it away in a desperate effort to keep me from grabbing it. "Kiku?!"
"You can't keep me a secret forever! I can taste freedom on my tongue already!" I declare through his mouth.
"Reave me arone!" he demands, although I hear it as more of a plea.
Startled, ______-san takes a step back and anxiously leaves the kitchen.
Letting out a laugh, I know I've won this round even when he pulls me back in and locks me up tight.
Crack two.

With a tug of my wrist, I test the waning strength of my remaining shackles. I'm so close now. I'll soon be free from him.
Hearing the faint sound of her voice and catching its warm tone, I lick my lips longingly. I will claim what was rightfully mine.
"I wirr protect her from you!" he warns.
"We'll see about that." I narrow my dark eyes as my body tenses.
Unable to withstand my powerful blow, I erupt once more from the confines of my prison.
"What's wrong, Kiku? Eat up, I made this breakfast especially for you!" chirps _____-san as she beams brightly at me.
Glancing downwards, I see a steaming plate of eggs, rice, and small pieces of grilled fish set before me. I return my gaze to _____-san and try to imitate her smile, only to fail and have mine come out darker than hers.
Her grin falters, when she notices my expression and she nervously busies herself with her own breakfast.
Stirring my rice around without eating it, I stare fixed on her smooth, gentle features. My hand wonders to my kantana sheath beside the table. Quietly, I imagine the dark crimson of blood glistening on my blade. I sigh, entranced by its beautiful image and the one sitting across the table.
Unable to wait a moment more, I reach across the table and grab ______-san's hand painfully tight.
"Kiku, please let go, that hurts," she complains lightly, her eyes searching mine.
Ignoring her, I forcefully yank her to her feet and to my chest, so our faces are mere inches apart.
"I'm sorry, ______-san, but Kiku is not here at the moment so please leave a message after the beep." I lean in until my dark, penetrating eyes block her view of anything else. "Beep!"
I laugh a cold, spine-tingling laugh, when she flinches.
"If Kiku is not here, then who is?" she asks as if she's unsure she wants to hear the answer.
I grab both her wrists and dig my nails into her skin. She does not struggle.
Crack Three.

I poke and probe the holes and cracks that line the walls of my cell. I'm absolutely sure now, that he no longer has the strength to keep me inside. There was little stopping me from escaping this dank cave of a cell forever.
Lazily, I pull my foot to me and test the fragility in the final remaining shackle.
"Not a second more will be wasted here. I will leave this place-" I slam my foot into the side of the cage, shattering both the wall and my shackle, "-and I'm never coming back!"
My bare feet glide silently across the wood floor as I make my way to the bedroom. There, I know I'll find _____-san sleeping peacefully, her mind lost in the realm of dreams.
A whisper of air is released, when I quietly open the bedroom door and step inside. As expected, I find ______-san fast-asleep in his….no my bed.
Even with her eyes closed, she was a remarkable sight to see. My heart pounds at the mere sight of her and I can focus on nothing else but her resting form.
A faint hiss escapes the sheath as I swiftly unsheathe my kantana.
______-san moves in her sleep, but her eyes remain closed.
The bed creaks beneath my weight as I climb onto it and tower over ____-san. I position the tip of my blade directly over her heart and prepare to sink it deep into her chest.
Unfortunately, she chooses that moment to wake up and I freeze as her gaze rests on me.
"K-Kiku? What are you doing?" she asks, her mind still foggy with sleep and unable to allow her to fully realize the extent of the danger she is in.
"I'm afraid Kiku has been disconnected and will no longer be able to answer your calls," I answer, a sinister glint in my dark gaze.
Despite finally acknowledging the threat looming over her, _____-san remains unusually calm.
"You're not going to hurt me, Kiku."
"I told you Kiku is not here anymore!" I snarl furiously, plunging my blade downwards only to have her roll out of the way.
The edge of my blade cuts a gash in her arm, but otherwise she escapes unharmed. She makes a mad dash for the door and I bound off the bed after her. I pursue her through the hallway and her escape route becomes painfully obvious: she's heading straight for the main entrance.
"You won't escape me that easily!" I declare, blade at the ready as I close in.
Striking out with my blade, _____-san lets out a startled cry as she barely dodges my attack. Instead of penetrating flesh and bone, my kantana embeds itself in the wall a hair's-width from her neck.
"Kiku, I know you're still in there and I know you'll never hurt me! You don't have the heart to!" she blurts out hopelessly.
"He doesn't, but I do!" I argue, grabbing a hold of her throat and pinning her to the wall, so I have time to unstick my blade.
"Kiku….I love you." _____-san barely manages to choke out those three useless words.
A drop of her Scarlett-colored blood slides down along the edge of my blade as I tense my arm for the kill.
The blade whistles as it cuts through the air on its path to her heart, but I sense something is wrong. The tip comes to an abrupt halt an inch from her skin.
I will myself to move, but it's like I'm encased in ice.
"Why….why can't I kill you?" I gasp in disbelief.
My aim becomes unsteady as my hand begins to shake.
Why can't I bring myself to end her life?!
Heart beating hard inside my chest, I fall into a trance as her (e/c) eyes mesmerize me. What is wrong with me?!
Some strange emotion had sneaked its way into my heart and as much as I claw at it, I couldn't rip it out. The more I try to hide it, the more intense the emotion became as my body shakes with the effort of fighting it.
______-san doesn't make any effort to break free, even when my grip loosens on her throat. The affection overpowering her fear of me was like a dagger to my heart. I couldn't stand it as her love for him made me weak in the knees.
Then it became clear. The grim secrets he tried to hide left cracks for my darkness to slip through. Now, ______-san is the cause of the cracks inside me that allows his feelings to come through. His love for her is now my love and there's no use in pretending it is not there.
Unable to restraint myself any longer, the kantana falls from my hand as I step closer. A foreign gentleness crawls under my skin as I carefully catch her cheeks in my hands and bring our lips crashing together.
The kiss is rough and I heatedly taste the sweet flavor of her lips, my passion unbearably powerful.
How could he have held himself back from these intense feelings?!
Being too stunned to do anything at first, _____-san simply allows me to take control. However, she quickly recovers her senses and kisses back, deepening the kiss.
Only when the need for air outgrows my desire, do I finally pull away with a gasp.
I guess….he and I both fell through the cracks…
This was requested by :iconthebigblackdevil5: who wanted a Dark JapanXReader. I'm afraid I probably made it darker than you wanted and sorry for the minimal appearances of the Reader. ^^; I got into the 'zone' and this is the result. ._.

Let me know if it needs a warning for any reason. :P


You-san(c)- Well, you.

Preview Pic(c)-~RavensongForever (It's my first try at anime/manga so cut me some slack. >_<)
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Joji1006 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Wow..... Just wow.... This was brilliant!

I mean.... The plot at all is not original. I've seen many stories where the 2p or dark tries to take over the normal characters and somehow harm or fall in love with the reader but this! This was different!

It's not the plot that made is brilliant but the perspective! How original to make the point of view to be Kuro's! Truly amazing I swear! And your way of writing is fantastic as well! I really enjoyed this one-shot! :) 
panda-dolphin Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I loved it Love 
RavensongForever Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
I'm glad. ^_^
panda-dolphin Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Lily's Rainbow Box 
jjgirl99 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
S-so confusing...the ploy was amazing though! The only other good dark countryxreader was one about yandere Italy...yeah he pretty much shion'd America,england,France,china,and Japan because they were all flirting...(ESPECIALLY France)
MySweetLies Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
I don't get this story
Who's point of view is it from?
Ugh idk!!!
RavensongForever Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
It's in Kuro/Dark Japan's viewpoint. He's basically trying to break free from Japan/Kiku Honda's mind and take over his body. Does that help clear up some confusion? ^^;
mossearslol888 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
It told me to withdraw the request.I'll change tthe settings on it.Request to be part of Co-Founders if you like.
RavensongForever Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Danke schön. ^^ The request withdrawal thing is strange but I don't mind becoming a co-founder. :meow:
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