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April 25, 2013
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       An obnoxious buzzing erupts from seemingly nowhere, jolting me awake with a yelp. A heartbeat later I locate the source of the noise: a round clock sitting on the coffee table. With my fur standing on end, I flinch from the painful noise stabbing my ears. Bunching my haunches, I jump and pounce on the annoying contraption. Hissing at it, I rake my claws through the plastic shell. I sink my teeth into the top in my desperation to shut the loud thing off. Knocking it to the floor, the stupid clock refuses to go silent. My temple is now throbbing painfully, so I pounce on the clock from above. Growling, I wrestle with the device in a frenzy of fur and claws.
       What the h*** is this thing made out of?!
       Rearing up on my hind legs, I bring my weight crashing down on the clock. I repeatedly smash the plastic with my front paws, hoping to destroy the thing.
       No such luck; the thing is freakin’ indestructible!
       A hand slips out from beneath the blanket and starts feeling the coffee table for something.
       Defeated, I decide to just sit on the stupid contraption to muffle the noise with my rump. Abruptly, the noise stops with a definite beep. I quickly get off it and stare at it in surprise.
       All I had to do was sit on it? Are you kidding me?!
       Drowsily, a pair of (e/c) eyes peek out from the blanket.
       “Hey….where’d my alarm clock go?”
       I sheepishly kick the clock out of view.
       “Oh well…don’t need it anymore to wake me up to work a job I no longer have,” she sighs, looking worn down.
       I shift my paws restlessly. My meow is enough to capture her attention and her gaze brightens when it rests on me.
       “At least something good came out of yesterday.” She flashes me a warm smile and I try not to melt.
       How is it she can get under my skin so easily? I hate humans and other cats alike. Yet, I can’t bring myself to hate her. How is she any different from the rest?
       Trailing my gaze down her figure as she stands up, I can’t ignore the shapely curves or the flawless, smoothness of her skin. Her (h/c) locks and (e/c) eyes complete the look and emphasize her beauty.
       Wait….did I just admit I think she’s beautiful? Gah! What is happening to me? She’s a human and I’m a cat. I don’t see those two as a viable combination.
       “What are you thinking about?”
       Her voice startles me out of my thoughts, so I turn my gaze up to meet hers. Bent over me, her hair cascades down the sides of her face like a (h/c) waterfall. My eyes widen as I find myself momentarily dazed by the light reflecting off her hair. It is frizzy and suffering from a serious case of bed-head, but she is stunning nonetheless.
       Whining like an abandoned child, the clock erupts into buzzing again.
       I dart over and tackle it, spitting in irritation. Unsheathing my claws, I resume my efforts to shred the plastic shell. Chewing on it with my strong, feline teeth, I manage to make a thin crack appear. Still, it screams in my ears an electronic wail and I just want it to shut up!
       Suddenly, I can hear laughing behind me. Foot-steps approach and I’m gently pushed away from the clock by a bare foot.
       Bending down to pick up the clock, she presses a button and the buzzing ceases.
       I sigh in relief. Silence is golden....if it wasn’t full of giggles and muffled chuckles. Shooting a glare at the woman towering over me, I watch how even her eyes seem to laugh at me.
       “You’re such a silly kitty!” she laughs as she points at the beat-up clock, “You left it on ‘Snooze’!”
       I snort and turn away to pretend I don’t care. Without warning, my paws leave the ground as I’m lifted into the air. I gasp only to be held close to her chest. I growl, but she ignores me. She brings me up higher and my heart beats faster, when I notice she’s about to kiss me. My eyes close as her lips press against my forehead, my curl bobbing just centimeters away. Heat rushes to my ears and I’m embarrassed to admit I enjoyed the action. However, her nose curls in disgust before she can do it again.
       My heart nearly stops as I take her reaction as a sign she no longer liked me. Something about me offended her and she isn’t pleased.
       “Yuck! You reek! You’re a stinky kitty!” Extending her arms, she holds me at arms-length away.
       My heart begins beating again as I come to terms that she only hates the way I smell. Maybe she is different…
       “Someone needs a bath!” she announces as she carries me into the bathroom.
       She pauses in front of the mirror.
       “And it looks like I could use one too.”
       Setting me down, she goes and turns on the faucet so water floods the tub. Reading an envelope I found in the newspaper basket, I discover the woman’s name is _______    _______. Hmm….not bad for a human, I guess.
       Shifting my attention, I stare at the steamy water splashing into the nearly-full tub. I am not fond of bathing in water that could drown me, but I decide to give it a chance while I watch ______ start to undress.
       Noticing my intense gaze, ______ shakes her head and picks me up to turn me around. I pout and spin around as she slips off her shirt and pants.
       “Naughty kitty, turn around!” she orders.
       I huff and stubbornly refuse to move. Like I was going to miss the show…
       A pair of pants is sent flying across the room and smacks me in the face. Hissing, I tear the jeans off of me. I’m disappointed to find ______ already in the tub.
       Her face relaxes as the warm water surrounds her with comfortable heat. She gives me an inviting smile.
       “Want to join me?” she asks innocently.
       Nodding, I attempt to scramble over the smooth edge of the tub. Unfortunately, I can’t get enough grip with my paws to pull myself up. Thinking, I back up and charge at the tub, kick off with my powerful hind legs, and propel myself up and over the edge of the tub. Water is sent flying in all directions as I drop into the tub with a splash.
       A gasp escapes _____ as bath water sprays her in the face.
       I surface and all is quiet for a few moments.
       Then, ______ breaks out laughing and splashes me back.
       Glaring at the water, I swat at the tidal waves as they attack me. ______ continues to laugh at my strange behavior.
       “Come here and let me wash your fur.” Before I can protest, she has me in her lap as she works shampoo into my matted fur.
       While her fingers massage my flanks, I almost let out a purr. As the grime is scrubbed out of my fur, I’m reminded how soft it could be. It’s been so long since I’ve been clean…
       “I don’t have any cat shampoo, so I hope you don’t mind borrowing some of mine,” she takes a break to hold me close to her face as she inhales deeply, “Mmmm….you smell like strawberries and vanilla.”
       Great, I smell girly. Although, the scent is pleasantly sweet and not overpowering. Perhaps I could learn to like this smell.
       “Aww, you look adorable!” insists _____.
       My face says ‘I’m not amused’ as I sit in the tub in a mass of bubbles. ______ had shaped them into a lion’s mane around my neck.
       “My little lion,” she coos and she leans in to scratch under my chin.
       As if to emphasize her point, I growl loudly. She doesn’t seem to mind my response as she moves to wash her own hair. On-the-other-hand, she does protest, when I try to mess with the bubbles in her hair. Eventually, I end up pouting since she wouldn’t let me make my own bubble masterpiece.
       Later that evening, we sat on the couch watching TV. Every now and again, ______ had to pound on it to clear up the picture.
       “I know it’s a piece of junk, but it’s all I can afford at the moment,” she blurts out as if she feels she has to apologize to me.
       Shrugging, I don’t really care she lives in a run-down apartment with a cruddy TV. It just makes her seem all the more relatable, for we both didn’t come from a plush background. However, I make a face as the picture comes into focus just in time to reveal a soapy, romantic movie is about to play.
       Plopping back down on the couch, ______ pats her lap, inviting me to cuddle.
       Sighing, I pad over and sprawl out on her lap. I close my eyes, so I don’t have to watch the silly chick flick.
       I’m not sure how much time has passed, when something wet hits my back. My eyes shoot open for me to notice tears streaming down ______’s face. Instantly, I become alert and look around, searching for the cause of her sorrow. Finally, I realize the movie credits are crawling up the screen.
       “The woman is so lucky; she has a nice home, friends all around her, and now the love of her life. Why can’t I find a man like that? Am I….am I not good enough?” sniffles ______ while she examines her hands as if searching for visible flaws.
       Failing to understand why she wastes her time, I think to myself: ”Why does she even bother? I see nothing wrong…”
       Another tear escapes her luminescent (e/c) eyes and I feel a pang in my heart. Pressing closer, I snuggle deeper into her embrace. I stretch my neck to lick a stray tear from her cheek.
       She brightens at my touch and hugs my body to her own.
       “ know just how to make me forget my flaws.” Her smile is enough to make my heart melt as I wonder briefly:
       What flaws?
Hooray, another part done. :3 Cats are so adorable. X3 Anyway, it will probably be another part or two before I finish this series up. I'm planning on doing a series where you can choose which Hetalia country you want in the end after this. Sorry if 2P Canada seems ooc, but this is how I choose to portray him. Also, I like to incorporate hidden messages in my writing, so if you can tell what that is in this story, I know I'm achieving my goal. :) So, without further interruptions, I present to you part 2 of Neko!2P!Canada X Reader! ^^

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: :star: Here
Part 3: [link]

2P Canada(c)-:iconhimaruyaplz:
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