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August 5, 2012
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        Trembling with embarrassment and fear of being noticed, I hide behind a surf shack. Heat is coursing through my face, tinting my cheeks and ears a cherry-red.
        Peering around the corner, I scan the sand-carpeted beach for my next hiding spot. Zoning in on my target, I check to make sure the coast is clear before I make a mad dash to an umbrella and shield myself behind it.
     "If I can-a just make it to-a the hotel, I will-a escape humiliation," I think to myself.
        A warm breeze snakes around my exposed form and taunts my naked skin. Desperately in need of clothes, I cover my privates with my hands as best as I can.
        Darting from cover to cover, I make steady progress towards our hotel along the beachside. The longer I evade detection, the more confident I become that I may escape my current situation without a problem. Of course, I'm never that lucky…
        Tripping over a surfboard half-buried in the sand, I come crashing down into the lap of someone lounging on a purple towel. Despair really sinks in, when I lift my head to meet the gorgeous (e/c) eyes of a young woman. Temporarily mesmerized by those luminescent (e/c) irises, I forget the obvious fact I'm stark naked. However, as her eyes widen in shock, that fact comes crashing back into me like a dying wave as it reaches shore.
        My cheeks burn madly as my mind empties, abandoning me to my fate.
        "W-what are-a you looking at-a ragazza?!" I demand, feigning ignorance of my condition.
        "Oh nothing….just your shiny rear glistening in the sun," she answers, a mischievous smile slowly dominating her features.
        In an attempt to hide my nude backside, I flip over only to realize a second too late I've traded bad for worse.
        Her cheeks transition into a deep pink, verging on red, as she stares.
        With a gasp, I scramble off of her lap and meekly cover myself with my hands.
        "Y-y-you didn't see that-a!" At this point, I would have gladly traded for that potato-sucking b*****d if it meant not humiliating myself in front of this rather stunning lady.
        Abruptly, she turns away, her (h/c) hair shifting with the swift movement. Grabbing the spare beach towel from her bag, she holds it out to me.
        "Here's something you can use to cover up," she offers, refraining from looking at me more than a few quick peeks.
        "Grazie! Uh…."
        " name is ______," she announces, while I wrap the towel around my waist, effectively covering everything important.
        "Grazie ______." Not wanting to admit my name after such an impression, I turn tail and flee.
        Slamming the door of my room closed, I lean against it and let out a sigh of relief. The nightmare was finally over and I could relax.
        Pausing to reflect, ______ comes to mind and I find myself eager to see her again. Shaking my head, I force the idea away knowing _______ probably thinks I'm some freak who likes to streak across the sand.
        Besides, I had a few select words to say to Antonio about my ordeal, when I saw him the next day…

        "I said I was sorry Lovin-OW!!" cries Antonio as he tries to escape my pursuing wrath.
        Virtually snapping at the Spaniard's heels, I chase him across the shore while smacking him with my beach umbrella.
        "Do you-a have any idea what-a I had to go-a through?!" I snarl at him, my amber-brown eyes ablaze.
        "It was Gilbert's idea! We just wanted to play a small prank!" protests Antonio and I let him speed away into the distance.
        Kicking up sand as I skid to a halt, my eyes darken as a mischievous glint flashes across them. Revenge will be so sweet…
        Perching up in a palm tree, I overlook the volleyball court below as I grasp my fishing rod. Below me, Arthur, Alfred, Ivan, Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis take stances to prepare for the next serve.
        Leaping into the air, Francis serves the ball to the other side only to have Arthur set it up for Alfred to spike it.
        Whipping my arm forward, I let the fishing line fly out and snag an unsuspecting albino's swimming trunks. The combination of me reeling back the line and Gilbert running backwards to rebound Ivan's serve, brings the delightful sound of tearing fabric. My line finally returns and upon the hook is a pair of torn black-and-white trunks.
        Glancing back, I'm satisfied to see the silver-haired albino's whiter-than snow rear shining in the afternoon sun.
        Within the next heartbeat, Alfred breaks out laughing and pointing at Gilbert.
        "Dude! Nice butt!" chuckles Alfred, his blue eyes dancing with laughter.
        "Huh? Vhat ist he talking about?"
        "Mon ami, you may want to look down…"
        "Vhat ze h***?!" gasps Gilbert as he attempts to cover himself.
        Being far from finished, I fling my hook out again and rip away Alfred's and Arthur's shorts away too.
        "Hey Arty, can you tell me what time Big Ben says?!" Alfred barely voices those words before he bursts out laughing.
        His cheeks blazing a deep red, the British gentleman knocks his knees together as he tries to hide what is now exposed.
        "Put the bloody Washington monument away, Alfred!"
        Unable to be content stopping there, I proceed to 'relieve' the remaining three of their swimwear as well.  I have to clasp a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing in sweet victory at their humiliation.
        "This is-a way better than-a my idea to draw moustaches on-a their faces in their-a sleep!" I point out to myself.
        "Someone get me some d*** clozes!" complains Gilbert.
        "Actually, I'm okay with this…ohonhonhon~" argues Francis, his deep blue eyes sparkling.
        "Ah! Someone please hand me a red sheet to cover the bull's horn!" asks Antonio in despair.
        To my surprise, Ivan stands without bothering to make any attempt at covering up. Instead, he simply smiles innocently.
        "So….you all finally agree to become one with me, da?"
        Laughing hard, I silently congratulate myself on a job well-done.
        "Hey, don't I know you?"
        A familiar voice startles me and with a wail, I come crashing down in a cloud of sand. Groaning as I sit up, I shoot a glare up at the one who spoke. My glare instantly loses its sharpness, however, when my eyes connect with those same (e/c) ones.
        "So you like to feel the breeze between your knees and fish in trees, huh?" ______ points to my fishing rod as it dangles, its hook caught on the side of the palm tree.
     "W-wait! No! I'm not supposed to be the one on the receiving end of karma!" I think as I blush the perfect shade of red similar to tomatoes.
        Turning to stare at the trunks hanging from the leaves, ______ gives me a curious look.
        "You collecting those?" she asks teasingly.
        "No!" I answer a little too quickly.
        "Fine, if you say so," teases _______, "I didn't catch your name the other day…."
        "If you must-a know….it's Lovino," I admit.
        Then _______ makes the mistake of looking over at the volleyball court. She freezes at the sight of six men embracing their birthday suits and a thin trail of blood escapes her nose.
        "W-what the heck happened to them?!" she demands, shocked.
        Rushing in front of her, I use my body to block her view.
        "What-a happened to who?" I tilt my head to the side, pretending to be innocent.
        Seeing her nose bleed a little like that, I can't help but feel concern and I pull out a tissue to help wipe away the blood.
        "It's okay, I'm fine," insists _______, turning her head to avoid my aid.
        "Idiota! You're fine when I-a say you're fine!" I snap, unaware of the shadow lurking behind me.
        Suddenly, a pair of hands grabs my trunks firmly and pain erupts from the base of my spine as I'm lifted off the ground by them.
        "Zink you can mess viz pure avesomeness?" hisses a voice in my ear.
        I struggle against the Prussian's grasp and relief washes over me, when the pain suddenly evaporates and my feet touch firm ground again. Unfortunately, I spin around to notice my red, white, and green swim trunks in Gilbert's hands.
        My eyes widen at the sight of his prize and I turn just in time to see ______ faint as blood gushes out of her nose.
        "Oh no, bella!" I gasp, racing over to catch her before she hits the ground.
        Taking off my shirt and tying it into make-shift pants, I soon gather _______ in my arms.
        "Not cool dude! I told you I didn't agree to 'become one with you!'" complains Alfred as he's carried over the tall, Russian's shoulder.
        "But we must! Besides, they demand it."
        "And who is they?" asks Alfred, confused.
        "The fan-girls of course. Now come, Matthew, we have much to discuss like adding your territories to mine…" answers Ivan, smiling as he carries the American blonde away.
        "Matthew?! W-wait just a minute, dude! I think you have the wrong guy!" protests Alfred, his signature smile absent and replaced with a look of horror.
        I can't help, but stare at the mini Canadian flag stamped on Alfred's forehead as they pass.

        Sitting upon a towel on the other side of the beach, a young Canadian sips his drink as his blonde curl bobs lazily on his head. After taking a long sip, he smiles a soft, triumphant smile.
        "Score one for Matthew," he boosts softly.

        Like a warm rain, I allow the water to run over my body and pool at my feet. Grabbing the nearby bottle of shampoo, I work it into lather through my hair, mindful of my curl.
        Hearing a door open, I simply suspect my fratello and hotel roommate, Feliciano, has returned from spending time with his friends.
        I return to washing the foam out of my hair and watching the bubbles dip and twirl around my bare feet.
        The sound of the bathroom knob turning, reminds me I forgot to lock it. Of course, thinking it is just Feli, I pay no attention to it. Then I hear that voice.
        "Someone told me you needed conditioner Lili, so I-" Before I can stop her, ______ pulls back the curtain.
        She jumps back as I cry out in surprise.
        In a blur of movement, I rip the curtain from her grasp and use it to hide my naked form from her.
        "Idiota ragazza! What do y-you think you're-a doing in-a here?!" I demand, my cheeks already burning.
        Dazed, _______ stares at me blankly as her mind carefully takes in the situation. Soon after, her own cheeks are dusted a rosy-pink.
        "I-I didn't know this was your room! Gilbert told me Lili was in here and she needed conditioner!" explains _______ defensively, holding up the bottle as proof.
        "Gilbert? That beer-chugging a**…." I mumble quietly.
        I find ______ still staring at me and I will her to leave.
        "Well….I guess if you can't beat 'em….join 'em." And without wasting another second, ______ begins stripping down in front of me.
        "B-bella?! What are you-a doing?!" I stammer, trying unsuccessfully to look away.
        _______ just smirks and jumps into the shower to hug me, so I'm afraid she can feel my heart beating fast inside my chest.
        "You're so cute when you're flustered, Lovi," she points out before pulling me closer and into a kiss.
        As her lips press against mine, I can taste something sweet and ripe like she just had some fresh fruit. When she tries to pull away, I stop her and bring her back for another kiss. I'm hungry for more of that sugary flavor on her lips and only the need for air forces us apart.
        Without warning, the curtain pulls away and a bright flash of light blinds us.
        As my gaze refocuses, I can faintly make out the outline of a certain albino.
        "Zat ist for yesterday!" boosts Gilbert as he mockingly holds up a camera.
        I try to shield _______, but it's already too late. He's gotten a decent picture of us both.
        "~Kesesesese….zis ist so going on DA…." snickers Gilbert.
        "Or it's so going down your throat!" snaps _______ as she pulls out a frying pan from seemingly thin air.
        A drop of sweat appears on Gilbert's temple as he stares nervously at the skillet in her hands.
        "Uh, vhere did you get zat?" asks the albino, his wine-red eyes targeting the pan.
        "I just happen to know this lovely Hungarian woman who happens to be a close friend of mine…" answers ______ as she takes a threatening step out of the shower.
        "You vouldn't…."
        "Oh, I would."
        With a loud gulp, Gilbert flees the room and after wrapping herself in a towel, ______ pursues him.
        I smile softly.
        It was moments like these that we were bound to remember forever.
Requested by :icontaylor303: who wanted a fluffy/funny RomanoXReader. Sorry if there isn't enough fluff. ^^; I think I succeeded in adding the humor in, but failed at the fluff. -_- Anyway, hope you like it! ^^

*Let me know if this requires a warning since I'm not sure because I didn't describe 'anything' in detail.


Preview pic-Coming soon
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